KeyHelp and social responsibility

May 10, 2017 Michael

Many companies do their best to improve people’s lives. In fact, it’s KeyHelp’s priority to do so, too.

Nowadays, big and small businesses concentrate not only on making profit, but also on adding value to the society. Some do it by donating money to charities and social help organizations. Other share their knowledge, organize think-tanks in the name of making a social improvement. We fall into the third category: KeyHelp, to have a positive social impact, gives it all, which are the products for search and rescue services.

KeyHelp’s future

May 10, 2017 Michael

When everything is set and done, the product is ready and polished, it is only natural for a company to set even grander goals. This is where our dreams of the future start to take shape.

What is KeyHelp?

From the start, our main goal was to aid search and rescue services around the world in their life-saving missions. Be it land or water, perfect or harsh weather, we made sure our smart drone and application would perform their best to support rescue teams. It took us a while, but perfect solutions need time. When we reached our goal to create a functional and efficient products for firefighters, police and other search and rescue organizations, we gradually started to think about KeyHelp’s future.