Keyhelp Drone is one of our professional solutions dedicated for search & rescue operations. It`s used for more accurate and efficient search of lost people, even in most difficult and extreme conditions. Our drone is irreplaceable assistant for professional keyHELP.


High-resolution camera - see everything. Our high-resolution camera takes photos of the lost people and landscape, photos and location of suspicious objects are sent to the rescue group's leader.

Human Detection

Thermal imager, which is mounted on a drone, allows it to locate persons heat emitting , even in low visibility situations.


Weather in not a problem. Our drone can be used in every weather condition, in spite of the rain, snow, strong winds and fog.

Obstacle Avoidance

Despite of the geographical conditions, our drone easily rises to the highest mountain, detects and avoids obstacles on his way. Dense forests, swamps and ponds are not obstacles for the drones work.


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